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Interview Evaluation Matrix – Streamlining the Interview Process

Interviewing prospective employment candidates is an ongoing process for a dynamic and growing organization. It is hard to tell exactly wh...

Interviewing prospective employment candidates is an ongoing process for a dynamic and growing organization. It is hard to tell exactly when the company may have an employment need, which is why interviewing is something that departmental managers do even when they do not have a position to hire for. This is where an interview evaluation matrix can come in handy for departmental managers and human resources personnel. It allows candidates to be interviewed at any time to see if their qualifications match the company's needs, and then those interview results can be filed away for later use. When you use a computer-based template, you are creating a database of available candidates that can make your recruiting process much more efficient.
An interview evaluation matrix also allows several candidates that are interviewing for the same position to be considered side by side by multiple internal managers. The candidates' names can be removed from the matrix and the candidate can be evaluated based on his qualifications. It helps to add a level of anonymity to the interview process that can eliminate any bias based on gender, age or any other factors. When you are looking for employees, you want a diverse workforce that will help expand your company's potential. By using this kind of a matrix, you can ensure that employees are evaluated based solely on their qualifications.

Another helpful part of an interview evaluation matrix is that several company managers, along with the human resources professionals, can collaborate on the interview process. It allows managers to develop a list of criteria that each candidate should be graded against. The criteria are based on the individual needs of each manager and can help the company to find more qualified candidates that will step in and offer significant value to the company immediately. It also encourages managers to put thought into what they are looking for in employees and narrow down the search criteria.

One of the most important features of an interview evaluation matrix for candidates is that it makes the playing field level. The interviewing managers go into the interview process with a job description and a needs analysis. The managers know what they want, and they base their decision on the qualifications of the candidates. It helps to eliminate any form of discrimination and creates equal and fair hiring policies. Candidates can enter into employment with your company knowing that they were hired based on their qualifications and nothing else.

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