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Perfman HR - How To Handle Panel Interviews

In some circumstances—especially campus interviews and work-group interviews—you may be interviewed by a panel of people. Each person migh...

In some circumstances—especially campus interviews and work-group interviews—you may be interviewed by a panel of people. Each person might take a different focus, or the panel may work well together because the members are a cohesive team. But in some circumstances they won't have decided beforehand who should focus on what, and the interview may become quite chaotic. Members of the panel may compete with each other for airtime for their questions, or one panel member may dominate the questioning to the annoyance of others. You may or  may not get time to clarify your answer to one question before another, entirely different question comes sailing your way.

For these reasons, it's especially important in panel interviews to make your brief presentation right up front, so that the group members can focus on what you have had to say about yourself. It's also vital to make sure you (and others on the panel) really understand each question so your answer will be on target and have maximum effect. Ask for clarification if necessary. Also try to remember the panel members' names so that you can address each person by name and perhaps ask any who have not asked a question if they would like to do so. Take care in panel interviews to include everyone in your discussion. Only one person has asked the question, but they're all listening. You don't need to be obvious about it, but instead of focusing only on the person who asked the question, give at least some attention to the others in the group. If one panel member seems to disagree with or be confused by your response, you might ask—if it seems appropriate—if the person has a comment or a question about what you just said.

In screening interviews, such as campus interviews, or preliminary interviews  with human resources people, you should try to stick to the group's preset agenda. But in work-group panel interviews, your objective is to break out of the formal structure into a conversation about the work the group does, the prevailing culture, and the challenges. If the panel members feel that their first conversation with you was informative and enjoyable, they are likely to support your candidacy.
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